Engraving Tests

Engraving Tests

So, aside from getting a weird message on my laser, “no enough extend space”, which I took to mean that I was running out of system memory, and so I set about for several worthless hours to try and fix the image.  Turns out, very badly crafted Chinese to English, all it wanted me to do was start farther away from the origin point so it had room to move about 3 inches in and down.

So first test was at just swag of 100mm/s @ 25% power on a scrap piece of maple.  I printed 2 images, and  was pretty happy with this pair of items, took me a while to get something I liked for a project upcoming, and was pretty pleased at the depth and detail.




Next up, i did a simple array of speed/power settings, think i was pretty jazzed about the last, as it is 2.4x faster than the initial, and gives similar results.

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