Modified Head Mirror block

Modified Head Mirror block

So the original head on my 50W laser was a design nightmare, forgot to take a pic of original, but here is one i found below, I only wished mine looked that open, as there is a large plate in back of it, the original knurled tips where greatly marked up from the factory also.


The problems with it where that the grub screws bite into a screw thread, and you carefully adjust the heights, lock it down, and you are now screwed, as the grub wants to bite into a channel of the screw, throwing it off. And thats if you could get the third grub screw locked down in the first place as the back one left like less than an inch of clearance to get to it.

So, was thinking on it, and came up with this re-arrangement:

mod head top.png
Mod Head Side.png

I only had to add 3 4mm screw holes in a reverse triangle of the original hole set, but was careful to put the single low one centered in the thinner area of the block so it still hit the below tube where there was meat. The other 2 where much easier, but I equally spaced them for an even triangle. Added new 5mm bolts and reused the springs, then added 4mm bolts with lock nuts. This works much better as there was enough slop in the block to accomodate movement around the new screw springs.

Unseen is the modified the screw to have a point also, as I originally tried it unmodded, and adjustment with a large flat area was not going to work.

adjustment screw.png

After all was said and done, here is my final burn result, a fairly round centered laser mark.


Upshot of this is you can remove the block to clean the mirror and inspect the tube, and put it right back on and get the same adjustment settings by just tightening up the spring screws, same as the other mirror mounts.

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