Laser has arrived

Laser has arrived

So, it came early than I thought, and I was so wanting to fiddle with it, but alas work.  I’d have to say I’m extremely pleased, it was packed well:

It had everything that was in the ebay pictures:


and after I it got a good checkup all around for electrical before turn on, all seemed fit enough.  Did a mechanical check, and that went well also, a few door tweaks, mirror and lens cleaning, removing tape etc.  Last I set it up to run, a new water bath and hooking up the air assist, then get nervous, will it fire?  Yes it will :).  Walked the beam around the mirrors to center it up, and through lens, and last and finally after 5 hrs of setup, here is it’s first test cut:


Just a simple line cut around an etched circle.  Simple, was default program, but pleased as punch.  I gotta get it back to the garage now, cuz that little cut was like smoke o rama.  Next up, garage move on to new table (gotta get a table or make one now).  After that, seeing if i can run it from my lappy to get my own first print.

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